Cheers to the New Year

      The past year was not easy for many; the pandemic has not ended and we continue to struggle through its uncertainty and misfortunes. We are all trying to adapt to a new way of living. Our normal and friendly gestures such as hugging and being very close to each other is now seen as sort of a "taboo". The uncomfortable use of face masks in public and job settings are now a part of the attire we must wear. But as we are slowing trying to adapt to this, we still try to hold on to some sort of "normal" to our lives. 

     I am grateful that this past year in-spite of all that was going on around us I actually ventured off and traveled, met some amazing people along the way and was able to bring new "cositas" to the shop. I had the privilege to travel to Oaxaca not once, but twice with my friends Melissa  and Arlene from @viajeras_bloggeras. What an experience this was for me. Through Melissa and Arlene I met some amazing artisans. Artisans that I now work directly with who make beautiful pieces for my shop. Eli and Juan from @laiigunizin  make the wool crossbody bags I carry in my shop. I absolutely love their work. I had the opportunity to experience some of the process that goes into making these bags. These 100% wool bags are unique and learning about the process really made me value all the artwork, dedication and uniqueness that goes into each piece they make. I also met the mother daughter both named Hilda  from @artesanias_hilda who handcraft beautiful items from palm leaves. Again learning about the process from the making of the natural colored dyes to weaving the palm leaf strands into beads and then making them into necklaces, earring and bracelets was truly amazing. 

     Handmade is a gift of love. I know this because with every bag or item I sew and make, I pour so much dedication, time and love. From choosing and buying the materials to creating and sewing each piece. Our items are never massed produced, each item is handmade in small quantities, many items are one of a kind and never the same.  Uniqueness, one of kind, and perfect imperfections is what makes our products special. 

     I leave behind 2021 with gratitude for the experiences and for the friendships created. I will remember the moments of joy it brought to me. The smile it brings to me to see my customers loving their items. 

     I welcome the New Year with so many ideas, anticipation, and ready to create more for my shop for all of you to enjoy. I will continue to focus on bringing items in hopes to brighten up your day and empower you to be YOU, the unique beautiful person!

Happy New Year my lovelies.



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