The beauty of culture and Art

     This past month I had the privilege to visit Tepic, Nayarit with my friends. While in Tepic up in the hills you will find a community of indigenous Nayaritas. This place is called Zitacua which means "place where corn grows". A place which you see many "Huicholes". Here you find these local artisans making bags, shoes, jewelry, and animal figures made of chaquira (small colorful beads). 

     While there we met a little girl Reina Nicole. She was vending with her mom and offered to give us a tour of the place. She walked us to the ceremony place where this community does their rituals. She was so cute, friendly and eager to show us around. We also met Cirila, one of the local artisans who I happen to buy some earrings the day before in "El Centro de Tepic". She recognized us and we started to talk. She talked to us about the process and elaborate work that goes into this jewelry making. For example, it takes about 3 hours just to make a pair of "chaquira" earrings. This is truly a skilled art. I fell in love with their earrings. So bright and colorful and full of character. 

     I bought more of these earrings from her and I am so excited to bring them to the shop. Each one individually handcrafted  with these beautiful chaquira beads. These earrings can uplight any outfit. They truly are a  unique statement piece to have. 

 Happy day my lovelies.


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