Isas Sarape Corazón Denim Jacket

     For a while now I've been wanting to venture off to fashion wear. Until now I have been concentrating on Isas bags and  the Sarape Tapetitos (mug rugs) and the tortilla warmers. All which I have created with my twist using sarape textile and/or bright colorful Mexican inspired prints. 

     The first time I visited Oaxaca I fell in love with it's artesania. I also learned about it's traditional dresses called "Traje de Tehuana" which consists of a huipil (blouse) and skirt. What makes it so elegant and special is its exquisite and colorful flower motifs which are embroidered by hand.  Shopping in Oaxaca was so much fun. It was in one of the many mercados I visited that I came across some embroidered flower pieces. At first I did not know what I was going to do with them but they were all so beautiful and unique. I brought back a handful of different colors, styles and sizes.

Denim jackets has always been a staple piece in any wardrobe. This is a piece of clothing that we can dress up or down. Denim jackets are also a timeless piece because it's one of those clothing items that just does not go out of stye. So this is when I thought, I Love sarape, I love hearts, why not add this to a denim jacket and give it that "Mexican kind of vibe" to it. Then I thought, how much more prettier will it be to add a flower applique to it. I knew I had the flowers I had picked up from Oaxaca and a few others from other sources so I decided to add along with the heart. Two different kinds of traditional arts from Mexico combined together. Once  I started adding them to the different sarape color hearts I just loved every combination. 

     I love color and I love having unique one of a kind pieces. Each sarape heart is ironed, hand stitched and individually made to be one of a kind.  I hope that if you get your hands on one of these corazón denim jackets that you feel special and unique too. Be Bold, Be Unique, Be You.



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