Tiempo de Navidad

December is here, which to me is all about Christmas. Since I was a little girl this month is one of my favorites. I love this month because that means that Christmas time is here. I love the music, the lights, the decorations in the stores, in the streets, and most of all in our homes. I love putting up the tree, while Christmas music plays in the background. I love sitting in my living room with my warm drink and watch cheesy Christmas movies in front of the Christmas tree.

Christmas is also more that just all the decorating and music, it's a time when we enjoy family time.  I associate tamales with Christmas because that's what we ate every  Christmas Eve growing up, "Tamales para la "Noche Buena". My mom will prepare everything early in the day, and my dad would do the masa. We would gather around the table and help her cut the ingredients, and spread the masa on the "hojas". (corn husks)  I treasure these special fun family moments. Once I became a Mother, I too, started my tradition with my daughter. Together we make tamales every year during December. I invite my family and have my own family Christmas party. I look forward every year to be around the family and eat tamales.

I  know that throughout the year we still get together but during this time it seems more special. Christmas is also a celebration of Jesus's birth. It's a celebration of God's gift to us. A reminder that on a special night a child was born to bring hope to the world. I believe that because of him we feel the magic of Christmas. The magic of Christmas may not be something we see but instead a feeling, a warmth and a sense of peace we feel in our hearts. A belief that there is hope for us all. That whatever problem we may have, we have faith that it will be okay.

So as I  sit  with my warm cafecito accompanied by my sarape tapetito I take a moment to enjoy the Christmas tree, its lights and I can feel the warmth and magic of Christmas. It's a feeling that I have during these times.  So as you go about these days, take time to enjoy the lights, the music, and enjoy friends and family and always have  a grateful heart and let the magic set in...... es Tiempo de Navidad!





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